This is a word that involves multiple liquid, licking, and crackling motions of the tongue. Back-front-front-back-front-front; hard, soft, soft, soft-to hard, hard, loose. Look at the shape of the word, oculolinctus: it almost looks like something round rolling while something long and straight comes in to interrupt or touch it. Round o opens and rolls c u, stops again o caught between l and l and then, after that loosens to i, rolls back n c, intercepted at t but rolls a quarter turn further u before finally becoming s – is that stopped, deflated, or spinning?

This is a delectable word to be sure, five syllables, obviously Latin, giving the tongue a workout. But what is it? A jungle cat, a dinosaur, a gastrointestinal disorder, an optical device?

How about something popular among Japanese tweens?

Imagine. How would a Japanese tween say this? It hardly fits…

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